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BusinessMODE magazine is a creative platform of the BusinessMODE I-Activate package with significant interest in wealth creation and management  for young people who are ready to bring about financial and time change in their generation by becoming world class entrepreneurs. Complimentary copies of the magazine which is published monthly are given out free of charge to target audience which includes Directors, Government functionaries, Business community, in places such as shopping malls, hotels,  lobbies of public buildings, travel points, etc. in our bid to help our client reach their goals of expansion as well as educating the business community.


BusinessMODE is an advert catalog created to cater for all classes of business aspiring to reach their maximum yield. It has been recognized as one of the pre-eminent full service research, marketing, advertising, design, and is known for building and positioning brands along with maximizing the exposure and results for their clients. As an aggressive and agile firm, The BusinessMODE  believes in the fundamentals of communication strategies and has developed a reputation for effective, on-target marketing. This we do by taking your product to the comfort of our clients target audience without costing them as well as satiating their needs.



Right now, we are offering special takeaways and discount on our low advert rate and it is unbelievable but not out of this world. From now to 5th, 2013, you have the opportunity of achieving extraordinary results by winning all through in our 100% discount on all adverts placed. When you place adverts for a quarter; you get free placement for same quantity in the next quarter and complimentary copies of BusinessMODE magazine to give your customers, business associates, family and friends thereby increasing your visibility in the comfort of their homes or offices. This is designed to make our customer’s customers familiar with the brands, products and services as well as help them increase their sales during the Yuletide and beyond.


Here are some basic reasons you should advertise your properties / products / services with us and the benefits you gain by doing so:

* Reduced Advert Budget. For each advert placed, you get same quantity free of charge. That means you’ll have a 50% reduction in total advert cost for the first half of the year 2013 which will translate to a total reduction of 25% for the year.


* Wide Coverage. Copies of BusinessMODE magazine are given free to the public and calculated target audience thus we have the chance of attaining a wider coverage within the target market / demographic group unlike other magazines who sell. In this case the level of sales affects the efficacy of the advert placed.


* Client With Purchase Power. In our bid to increase our customer’s customers and boosting their sales, we are networking around clients with higher purchase power. By the end of second quarter 2013, BusinessMODE magazine will given out in offices of all members of the National Assembly, six State House of Assemblies in the North Central region and some major hotels in Abuja, Ilorin, Lokoja, Kaduna, Jos, Makurdi, Lafia, Minna, Enugu, Lagos and Port Harcourt. This will be bringing your properties / products / services closer to people with the capacity to patronize you.


* Rich Editorial Contents / Articles. BusinessMODE magazine have rich articles which are calculated to educate and inform readers about trending issues in the business world. Thus it have a better chance of getting the prospective customers attention compare to most advert magazines around. The articles also propel the handler to keep it thereby increasing the chance of his family and friends coming in contact with it.



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