While there are several things you’ll need to help get your site online, nothing is more important than first clearly defining your goals. Doing
so, more than anything else, reveals which requirements are most important for your website so you can make a comprehensive plan that
will take you successfully across the finish line.

So what are key factors to consider?

As when starting a business, launching your business website should begin with a plan. Determining key information early on informs the
entire site building process and inevitably saves you a lot of time, energy, and resources. While each business is a little different, we’ve listed three key points that everyone should consider when preparing to create a business website.

1. Determine your Goals.
Before you can begin to solve a problem, it helps to know what the problem is. Ask yourself questions to identify what your website is
intended to accomplish.

For example:
What kind of website do I want?
Should the website serve principally to present information?
Does this information need to change regularly? Will my website sell a product online?

Also consider what changes may happen over time. Ask yourself what future plans exist for your business. Answering questions like these is
the first step toward outlining the type of website you should build.

2. Understand your message and your audience.
Your website will present a message to each and ever visitor, so it is important to think about what you want to communicate. The message you craft will help you not only identify your target audience, but will affects your website’s
look and feel, design, content, presentation,

So it’s important to determine it as soon as possible. Make sure your messaging is clear, concise and easy to understand.

And remember, nothing should influence your
messaging more than the audience to which it
is intended, i.e. your future website visitors. Think about both who will visit your site as well as who you want to reach.
Will existing customers visit your website? Potential customers?
What is the goal of your messaging?

A good technique to get new ideas is to study websites of competitors or other businesses striving to achieve similar goals as you. Visit these sites and ask yourself questions like:
What is the purpose of this website?
What are they selling?
Is the message clear?
Did it compel me to learn more?

A good website should be able to answer these
important questions immediately.

3. Time and budget.
It’s great to have a vision of the perfect website, but remember to factor in real-world constraints. Be realistic about your budget and the amount of time you have to invest in building your website. Will you be building the website yourself? Will your site feature an e-commerce feature?

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of web hosting, domain names, and advertising. We recommend writing everything down and adjusting different factors based on your allotted budget. Some areas may have more flexibility then others depending on your priorities.

There are several more factors to consider as you delve into building your website, but these are some great places at which to start the process.

With a strong understanding of these three considerations, you’ll be better equipped to craft a strong plan. And remember, the more detailed your plan, the less likely you will run into snags as you proceed.

Like always, you can lean on us for any help.

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How To Make Money Online

A few years back, when people say they are making money online i just chuckle at their guts cos i believe all they are doing is nothing but yahoo yahoo. a friend once visited a relative he was expecting to help secure a high paying job only to be told that getting one is hard and that it is better to seek solace in self employment and she specifically point out that her 23 year old son is making good money online. We smiled at her supposed ignorance cos we so believed the dude was definitely a yahoo boy who was banking on his “mothers ignorance” to get going. We rather turned out to be the “ignorant”. Today, am grinning as i write this to help us all grow our chances of making money online.

You can make Money from Setting up Blog for others/ Redesigning it for custom outlooks. I make money redesigning other people’s blogs. Some people who love my blog do ask me to redesign theirs while some pay me, just to create new blogs for them too. If you master the art of blogging, you too can start making money this way.

Making Money With AdSense

Google has a program called AdSense which can make money for you as a Blogger and its FREE. This is how it works. You set up a simple blog, then you register a free google adsense account and then google allows you to display different marketer’s pay per click adverts on your blog. When visitors your blog click on any of these advert links, you make money.

Google will pay you either in dollars or in Euro by sending a cheque to your address right here in Nigeria. The advantage is that you don’t even need to pre-sell your visitors, because you get paid for the click – not the sale, all you need worry about is the traffic.

While this is a “quick and dirty” way to monetize a blog, it shouldn’t be your first choice. That’s because if you’ve chosen a good niche and you’re sending highly targeted traffic to your blog, then you should be able to make more money by selling your own products or affiliate products. I advice you to contact us at BusinessMODE to register you on one of the ASPIREHIGH packages design to reduce the stress of online market  new entrants.

Sell Advertising and Links

<Another profitable way to make money with the same blog is to sell advert space and advert links on your blog. This means that people will pay you money (it could be per week or per month) to place banner adverts on your blog so that when people visit your blog and they can click on those ads which would lead them to the advertisers website.

You can charge from around  N2,500 – N25,000 per week for banner ads to be placed on your blog depending on the traffic you get & the advertisers need. No matter how cheap you charge, you have nothing to loose as it does not stop you from doing a thing.

Affiliate Marketing

You may not have the thirst to create your own products to sell or you don’t have the time then this will be a good starting point for you. Whatever your blog niche, there are products out there being sold that are related to your topic. You can be an affiliate of such products right here in Nigeria.

This means that you sell the person’s product using HIS/HER website and you are given a commission per sale.

Most times, the least commission is 50% and it can even go as high as 70% commission depending on what they are selling. Services usually give more than physical goods.

All you need to do is contact the owner and request to be his affiliate, work out some terms and off you go, making money without doing any product creation.

ASPIREHIGH is giving new / potential bloggers the opportunity to delve deep into the oceans from the start without fear of technicalities. We’ll get your blog/website running within 72 hours with all the contents needed for you to start making money. Anytime a client pay you for our service, you 45% of the total  rate we set.

You can sell our tutorial eBooks on your blog just with a token right of ownership purchase. The ebooks will come with persuasive articles who’s contents are calculated to drive sales of the product embedded. The materials  will bear your name as the author. Here you have 100% profit. I make money selling other peoples digital products and in turn they pay me commission for selling the product. Here at BusinessMODE , we are committed to help you grow. You can check some of our special offers that can help you attain your height in the online sphere. Check our Special Offers for opportunities available.

Let’s say you decide to sell the product at N300 and just 400 people buy it from you within 30 days of setting up your blog, YOU would have made a cool N120,000 without any stress of creating the product yourself.

Designing Websites
I know you’ll start saying you are not a programmer. Sure that is true but you can still Make money from web design. I design websites for clients based on what they want and I get paid in return. If you don’t know how to design websites, go and _learn it, so you can start making money from this service asap. Go and learn how to use some of the common tools available and you will be able to start designing cool websites for clients. We can help you out with that.

Use Social Media
You can Make money from social media like twitter and Facebook services…
Some people do pay me to help them customize their Facebook Fan pages while some do pay me to help them advertise their products/services on Facebook. Check my facebook page GossipHA Magazine.

Make Money Designing Logos-
Business firms are springing up everyday and branding is very important in projecting the image of the company. You Can make good money by learning graphics design and making money in designing logo  and branding. See More On Logo Designing Samples


THE FASTEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY IS TO START AN ONLINE SHOP. Here you have physical goods to sell and need little or no persuation to sell. ONCE you have what is trendding then you’ll be good to go. The good thing is that you can dropship -buy goods with OPM and make gain without spending a dime. Plus in dropshipping, you dont take inventory of stocks.

Count on us anytime you are in need of any help to exploring the business opportunities online.

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Am here to tell you how you can make money marketing as an independent or a corporate brand. Most people this days see marketing as a burden and badly hate getting picked for such jobs. In most cases , it is the easiest job to be assigned at entry level, we see that in banks and other third-party marketing companies hiring.

This jobs are usually build to improve sales by paying commission on total sales a marketer made instead of paying fix salaries to unproductive staffs. Now the intimidating factor here is the effort made in the process of selling the product or services to the potential buyers. What stand prominent in each successful stride is the fact that the marketer becomes fanacially free and determine his income by the amount of sales made within a given period. Some months back, I was privileged to attend a bank’s end of quarter dinner in Abuja and I was shown two time winner of the bank’s Best Marketer Award and I was challenged at the 24 year old who though a graduate, was employed at entry level and is banking millions in commission. That is will and determination.

Like I always say, you should start by thinking of what you can do for others before seeking for what they can do for you namely paying for the service. Marketing is full of drama and after getting a number of turn down from potential buyers, you get discouraged. Ladies get a worse share of marketing as they are compelled to get “bend down low” to secure patronage.

I hated marketing myself sometimes back, but after my contacts with Customer Service Managers, I got a reorientation on how to principally seek the satisfaction of customers. This days, all I am interested in is satisfying the needs of people by providing alternative solutions to their problems. For you to succeed as a marketer, you need to create.market offerings that satisfy the needs of your prospective buyer. With this, you can exceed your target.

If you are considering a career as a marketer you can build yourself up by starting our Online course on Customer Relation Management. It will help you through your effort in the marketing environment which is tedious but extra rewarding too.

Here at BusinessMODE, we are offering you the chance to start a marketing career at your pace with a flexible operational system. No need for supervision. Your responsibilities will be to sell advert space to interested individuals and get an amazing commission (40%) for each sale at the end of the month.

The commission vary according to number of sales and matter of fact it go higher with more sales. That is what I was saying about becoming a marketer. We have other marketing opportunities waiting for you to explore. Check our special offers and get going.


  1. Continue to do your day job as you begin to make the move toward consultancy. Being a full-time consultant does not mean you will be successful right away. Make all your business plans, find part-time contracts and slowly make the move to owning your own business.
  2. Consider creating a business around your consulting. You must make the decision about how much you want to work as a consultant. You may choose 1 of the following options:
    • Become a consultant so that you can spend more time at home or work from home. In this case, you may not want to work a 40-hour week. You may choose to use your own name as a sole proprietorship and apply for contracts on an as-needed basis.
    • Become your own business. Create a name, a trademark and a competitive marketing strategy. In this situation, you may want to rent a business location and hire staff. You will want to create a business plan before striking out on your own.
  3. Get all required licensing from the state or country that you plan to consult in. You may consider getting special qualifications from a marketing organization to prove to your clients that you are legitimate.
  4. Put money and thought into your marketing. If you can sell your company on your own brand, it is likely that they will trust you to marketing their brand. Create a trademark, a motto, brand imagery and advertising that hits your target business demographic.
  5. Set a reasonable hourly rate. Look at what other consultants are charging in your field, and then do a cost analysis of doing business plus your expertise. It should correlate to be slightly higher than what you were making per hour as a wage in your last job.
  6. Learn to manage. You may have already been promoted to a management position in your work history, which is an asset. You must be able to effectively manage a company’s workforce where you are hired and your own staff, if you have employees.
  7. Be ready for a fast-paced lifestyle. If you have worked in the competitive marketing industry, you may already know how to function with stress and deadlines. Unless you are taking occasional contracts, this will not change, and it may even grow more stressful with the weight of a business on your shoulders.
  8. Network constantly. You must be ready to go out and meet with business leaders in your community. You must consistently sell your product through yourself as well as your branding.

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