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Welcome to our special offer column where prospective affiliate marketers are given the opportunity to utilize marketing offers to make money and simultaneously satisfying their clients. It’s a win -win-win thing. You can still read more about Affiliate Marketing HERE in case you missed our article on Benefit of Affiliate Marketing.

As an affiliate marketer, you will need extra skills to convince your potential buyers by giving them special offerings that will satisfy their needs. READ THE SECRET TO WINNING AS A MARKETER WITHOUT COMPROMISING.

Most people see marketing as a burden and hate getting picked for such jobs. In most cases , it is the most common job position assigned at executive and entry level as seen in banks and other third-party marketing companies around. A surf around job websites like Jobberman Vacancy List shows that most jobs are related to marketing, and the remuneration is based on commission not fixed salaries. These job positions are usually created to improve sales by paying commission on total sales a marketer make within a given period instead of paying fixed salaries to unproductive staffs.

Now the most intimidating factor here is the effort made in the process of selling the product or services to the potential buyers. What stand prominent in each successful move is the fact that the marketer becomes financially free and determine his income by the amount of sales made within the given period.

Some months back, I was privileged to attend a bank’s end of quarter dinner in Abuja and I was shown two time winner of the bank’s Best Marketer Award and I was challenged at the 24 year old who though a graduate, was employed at entry level and is banking millions in commission. That is will and determination.

Like I always say, you should start by thinking of what you can do for others before seeking for what they can do for you, that is -give them solution to their needs and they willl pay you for the service. Marketing is full of drama and after getting a number of turn down from potential buyers, you get discouraged. Ladies get a worse share of marketing as they are compelled to “bend down low” to secure patronage.

I hated marketing myself sometimes back, but after my contacts with Customer Service Managers, I got a reorientation on how to principally seek the satisfaction of customers. This days, all I am interested in is satisfying the needs of people by providing alternative solutions to their problems. For you to succeed as a marketer, you need to create market offerings that satisfy the needs of your prospective buyer. With this, you can exceed your target.


AS an affiliate maketing advert space for  Business MODE magazine, you stand the chance of making over N150,000 monthly in commission. Advert space goes for N75,000 and with 25% commission for 8 adverts placed monthly, you get the total sum of N150,000. It is that simple.

The magazine is a creative platform of the BusinessMODE ASPIREHIGH package with significant interest in wealth creation and management for young people who are ready to bring about financial and time change in their generation by becoming world class entrepreneurs.

It is created to cater for all classes of business aspiring to reach their maximum yield. It has been recognized as one of the pre-eminent full service research, marketing, advertising and design icon known for building and positioning brands maximizing the exposure and getting results for their clients. As an aggressive and agile firm,  Business MODE magazine operates in the fundamentals of communication strategies and has developed a reputation for effective, on-target marketing.

Websites are continuously a necessary need and Nigerian firms are beginning to accept it as a norm. Some don’t know how to go about it while others wave it off due to fear that it could be capital intensive. But that is not true. As an affiliate marketer all you need to do is convince them about how easy and cheap it is to own a blog / website that would promote their business. The cost is depending on the kind of business and need. Whatever the case maybe, it’s a win-win for us. HERE you make 50% in commission for getting a client to us. ALL you need is to talk to people around you who own small business about the needs for them to have a website for their small business.


GUESS you are wondering about this concept. Bloggers sometimes are too busy to write quality post that will drive them brand value, traffic or sales. Contents are a great way of building good SEO that can get website or blog to rank high. What we do at BusinessMODE online is to work on special blog/website content and custom content to importantly boost our clients search rankings and help convince site visitors to buy displayed products so their business grow. What you’ll be doing is just to be our agent, take payment and we send you the content within! specified timeframe. Read More About ME WRITING THE CONTENT WHILE YOU MAKE THE MONEY

Business firms are springing up everyday and branding is very important in projecting the image of the company. You Can make good money by sending us numbers of people who needs Logos Designing and branding. HERE you get 50%  of total sales.  See More On Logo Designing Samples


You can sell our tutorial eBooks on your blog just with a token right of ownership purchase. The ebooks will come with persuasive articles who’s contents are calculated to drive sales of the product embedded. The materials  will bear your name as the author. Here you have 100% profit. I make money selling other peoples digital products and in turn they pay me commission for selling the product. Here at BusinessMODE , we are committed to help you grow. Let’s say you decide to sell the product at N300 and just 400 people buy it from you within 30 days of setting up your blog, YOU would have made a cool N120,000 without any stress of creating the product yourself.

Affiliates must have a BSc/HND, be  energetic, sales- and result-oriented; have strong interpersonal and organizational skills; Excellent sales, negotiation and influencing skills, able to work in full autonomy without supervision,  capable of seeking out new ideas, exhibit initiatives and be proactive understanding of IT markets, etc.

We generously reward our satisfied customers when they introduce our products and services to their friends, families and associates. By introducing our products and services to your friends, families, etc and/or by buying and selling our products to your friends and families, we pay commission depending on what the new customer buy from you -the sponsor. The more new customers you bring, the more money you earn. You will also earn same percent of commission as discount on every purchase you make.

You can participate in this scheme anywhere you are. All you need to do is simply call or text us the referral code number, anytime you sponsor a new customer. Moreso, you do the payment yourself and get the the commission straight from the client.


All you need is to setup a blog/website which you will use to share information emailed to you. This will be the converging point. When you complete your application procedure, we will get your blog running within 72 hour. The blog will have five social media (facebook, twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Linkedin) intergrated for easy sharing. We will update it with all necessary information.


To get your blog/website designed and working in less than 72 hours, do the following :

I- Get the name of your blog/website ready putting in mind keywords and your main goals which also includes marketing opportunities in BusinessMODE & AspireHIGH.

II – Write down your business and personal profile. A profile picture will be needed too. Mission & Vision of your business will be an added advantage.

III- Indicate which of our products you are interested in. Note you can do all.

IV- Email all information required above to businessmode.ng@gmail.com

V- Call to confirm email delivery for payment.


Upon registration, you will receive our business kit containing our powerful catalogues and referral booklet.



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