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How do you sell a product online?   how-to-sell

In order to get you charged up for this post, I want to clarify a fact here.

Because many people online think that SELLING is EVIL, but these same people shop every now and then offline.

The important thing to remember about content marketing is that YOU must sell a product, if you ever want to make money online. Period!

How would you see a blogger who always complain that he or she isn’t making any money online – and you discovered he didn’t monetize properly. Or, he didn’t even monetize at all.

Content marketing has been perceived as building relationships with prospective customers, but it’s not enough.

Yes, quote me anywhere. You’ve got to sell a product or go look for a job!

When you’ve relationships with target audience, you’ve got to sell your products and services to them or they’d switch over to another website where the real selling takes place – because they want their problems to be solved.



By introducing our products and services to your friends, families, etc and/or by buying and selling our products to your friends and families, we pay 40% of what a new customer buys to you, the sponsor. The more new customers you bring, the more money you earn. You will also earn a 40% discount on every purchase you make.

Also, you can participate in this scheme anywhere you are. All you need to do is simply call or text us the referral code number, anytime you sponsor a new customer. Moreso, you do the payment yourself and get the 40% straight from the client.
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