How Your Relationship Can Affect your Future


Good morning friends, it’s Sunday morning here in Nigeria. Quite unlike me, I didn’t make it to church. I listened over the loud public address system and anointed myself from the oil in my house. Not a bad idea I guess. Yesterday was Margaret Haynes Meritt wedding anniversary but I didn’t really think about how much success she had credit to her marriage till early this morning when I read for the second time, her post on her 33rd wedding anniversary. wow. 33 years of marriage and all the way without a regret. The surprise is how she figured it out at age 13 and 42 years later, she count him as part of her success. I’ll prefer you read what she wrote about it and how firm she was at age 13. Was it the usual teenage crush? I don’t think so. Read all on her blog.

I celebrated today with a kayak trip (love the outdoors) and dinner out later. We’re pretty busy right now with one son leaving to live in Thailand in August and a daughter returning from L.A. in July. I’m currently headed to London in September to visit my sister. This has me checking out
#London blogs looking for restaurant
recommendations and great photo ops. Let me know if you have any great places to visit or eat. (Also visiting Cheltenham where my sister

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