Content Marketing

We generously reward our satisfied customers when they introduce our goods and services to their friends, families and associates.

By introducing our products and services to your friends, families, etc and/or by buying and selling our products to your friends and families, we pay 40% of what a new customer buys to you, the sponsor. The more new customers you bring, the more money you earn. You will also earn a 40% discount on every purchase you make.

Also, you can participate in this scheme anywhere you are. All you need to do is simply call or text us the referral code number, anytime you sponsor a new customer. Moreso, you do the payment yourself and get the 40% straight from the client.


To get your blog/website working in less than 72 hours, do the following :

I- Get the name of your blog/website ready putting in mind keywords and your main goals which also includes marketing opportunities in BusinessMODE & AspireHIGH.

II – Write down your business and personal profile. A profile picture will be needed too. Mission & Vision of your business will be an added advantage.

III- Indicate which of our products you are interested in. Note you can do all.

IV- Email all information required above to

V- Call to confirm email delivery for payment.


Upon registration, you will receive our business kit containing our powerful catalogues and referral booklet.


Source for New customers whom you strongly believe would benefit from our products and services.
Recommend the product(s) that would suit their needs. Our product catalogue will guide you through. You take the payment and deliver 60% to us while you keep the 40%.


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