Something important has changed in business…

It’s no longer “enough” to have a brand that you build. You now need to know how branding works, so you can do it at all levels of your business. You’ll most likely need at least 10 brands to build a highly successful business – and each of them will need to relate to your overall strategy – if you want them to stick inside the minds of your customers

What do you need to brand?

You need to brand yourself. You need to brand your business. You need to brand your products. You need to brand your methods, You need to brand the experience you give to your customer. You need to brand the distinctions you make…It’s no longer enough to have a good product to sell. Now we need to continually evolve our products, based on new knowledge we get from our customers and from our other research.

Your business will most likely NOT have its “home run” success from the product that you THINK will be its success. In the process of identifying even more specific and personal needs of your customers you’ll find an “ah ha!” insight that will most likely lead to your breakthrough product…


It’s no longer enough to just hire someone to do some of the work in your business.


If you want to build a powerful, high-growth business that makes you the kind of money that makes you financially independent, you’ll need to learn how to spot high-potential winners – and hire people that will be great


LONG-TERM bets… not just someone who can take some work off your plate…In short, if you want to WIN the business and money game, you have to MASTER the business and money environment.

And to master the the business environment, you have to master the specific skills that allow you to win. In a modern entrepreneurial business, you’re coming across many opportunities per day… and you must know which to say “yes” to, which to act on, and how to get the most possible value from each…

I believe that you have to learn how to do 9 things well in business. If you can learn these critical business-growth skills, then you can walk confidently into each of the business situations that you’ll face as your business

grows and scales.

Here, we’ll be working together to master the key skills that you need to know to grow your business.

We’re only open for our early registration for a few more days. Make sure you get your application in… to join us, and also save yourself 50%. All of the details are here:


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