When is the best time to make an important decision about your life or business?


When is the worst time?


Most people wait until something FORCES them to make the decision – rather than making decisions from a place of calm and confidence.


The best time to make an important decision is when you don’t have to make it.


Now, this doesn’t matter if the decision you’re making doesn’t “really matter” in the bigger picture.


If you’re deciding whether or not to have a drink of water, or whether to buy a new pair of shoes today, being in a calm and relaxed mood won’t make the difference.


But what if you’re making a decision about the next steps in your life… or your family…or your career?


My experience is that most people don’t go and intentionally put themselves into an environment where they will make the very best decisions of their life.


So what would it look like if you were to create the ultimate environment to plan the next level of your personal and business evolution?


Who would be there? What would you be doing with them? What other resources would you want around you?


In about two months, I’m going to be hosting a 5-day live summit for the top entrepreneurs that I know – and I’d like to invite you to join us there.


I am intentionally creating an environment that inspires all of us to see higher potentials and possibilities for ourselves and our businesses.


I’ve invited the smartest people that I’ve found in my life to join us, teach us, and work with us – so we have all the perspectives and resources we need to make great decisions.


I’ve found a first class environment in one of the world’s greatest cities – at the nicest time of year.


And I’ve organized all of the most valuable tools and systems to help you grow your business and your profit.


And this is just one part of the entire Accelerate 1-Year Program…


Whether you join us for this once in a lifetime strategic planning summit… or you create your own environment to make the big decisions, I recommend that you do what it takes to make sure you have the right surroundings, the right people and the right knowledge to create the vision for where you’re going next.


I think that our Accelerate Summit will make history in business – and that people will be talking about it as the place that they got inspired… met the people that changed the game for them… and planned the next big evolution for themselves and their businesses.


Will you be there with us? I hope so. I hope that you choose to come join us. I believe that it will be a place where your greatness can emerge.


Today and tomorrow – this weekend – is a great time to consider whether or not Accelerate is right for you.


It’s the weekend, and you’ll most likely have a little extra time to think about it.


If you are in America, where I live, we have a holiday as well – so things will probably be a little more relaxed than normal.


In just a few days, we’re going to be closing our early registration for Accelerate, and the price to attend is going to double…


Don’t wait until the last minute to decide. Make the call while you have some time to think about it this weekend…


I’ve added a few new things to Accelerate, and updated the information video. If you haven’t seen all of it, now is a great time to watch it (it’s a long video, so set aside a bit of time for it… I’m asking you to make a big decision, so I want you to have all the





The decision to join us for Accelerate is an important decision. And you’ll be making even more important ones in the training.


Come join me and my group of mentors, business growth experts, and other inspired entrepreneurs – and let’s make some great decisions together!



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