As Internet penetration continue to increase in Africa especially in Nigeria, business owners have realize how important it’s to have a website for their products and services but the problem is, most people end up having a free website which is not good for their Brand` online. Now let’s chronicle 5 reasons why a free website is not good for your business online.

1)      Wrong Brand Message: –

Having a Free website for your business will automatically send the wrong message to your audience online. They will ask themselves, why should they deal with your Firm while you are using free website? It does not represent your business well.

2)      You lose Credibility: –

Majority of online users fill skeptical in making use of services offered from free websites. They don’t feel secure in anyway. If your business cannot afford a premium and quality website, why should they trust you with their money. A free website decreases trust. A website is a tool to demonstrate your professionalism and build trust with customers. The more they trust you, the more they buy. A free website tells customers you don’t take your business seriously. You lose credibility. You lose sales.

3)      Quality Factor: –

Lots of people online assume your products or services will be inferior if you don’t have a premium website. When it comes to the Internet, Image is everything. A bad looking free website will automatically ring a bell of inferiority to your audience online. You may be offering high quality services or selling high quality products but if they’re not professionally presented online, it will be assume that’s how the original products look like.

4)      You Don’t Own Your Business Website: –

Since you are using a free website, you can be rest assured you don’t own the website. The provider can decide to delete your website without much resistance from you because you are not the property legal owner.

5)      Limited Website Features: –

Free website providers limit how many pages you can have on your website or how many images you can upload to your website. They also limit the features you can use or install. Your website will not have the functionality that your customers want, so they will go elsewhere.

There you have it, 5 Reasons why your Firm does not need a free website. Having a Free website from services like GNBO, Weebly, Yolasite and the rest should just be a starting point. You need to start planning on how to have a customize website where you can better connect with your target audience with your products and services.

We can design you a High Quality website with Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Email Accounts (e.g admin@yourbusiness.com) and Free Search Engine submission to Google and Yahoo in order to generate sales by having traffic from those search engines. Call or email us today and  to get a professionally designed website at half the price.

I hope you are well informed with this article. Next week, I will be sending you more information on how to use Social Media for Marketing and you will also receive Free eBook from me in regard to Social Media marketing. Don’t forget to ask me any question if you need clarification. I LOVE SOLVING PROBLEMS.





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