Am here to tell you how you can make money marketing as an independent or a corporate brand. Most people this days see marketing as a burden and badly hate getting picked for such jobs. In most cases , it is the easiest job to be assigned at entry level, we see that in banks and other third-party marketing companies hiring.

This jobs are usually build to improve sales by paying commission on total sales a marketer made instead of paying fix salaries to unproductive staffs. Now the intimidating factor here is the effort made in the process of selling the product or services to the potential buyers. What stand prominent in each successful stride is the fact that the marketer becomes fanacially free and determine his income by the amount of sales made within a given period. Some months back, I was privileged to attend a bank’s end of quarter dinner in Abuja and I was shown two time winner of the bank’s Best Marketer Award and I was challenged at the 24 year old who though a graduate, was employed at entry level and is banking millions in commission. That is will and determination.

Like I always say, you should start by thinking of what you can do for others before seeking for what they can do for you namely paying for the service. Marketing is full of drama and after getting a number of turn down from potential buyers, you get discouraged. Ladies get a worse share of marketing as they are compelled to get “bend down low” to secure patronage.

I hated marketing myself sometimes back, but after my contacts with Customer Service Managers, I got a reorientation on how to principally seek the satisfaction of customers. This days, all I am interested in is satisfying the needs of people by providing alternative solutions to their problems. For you to succeed as a marketer, you need to offerings that satisfy the needs of your prospective buyer. With this, you can exceed your target.

If you are considering a career as a marketer you can build yourself up by starting our Online course on Customer Relation Management. It will help you through your effort in the marketing environment which is tedious but extra rewarding too.

Here at BusinessMODE, we are offering you the chance to start a marketing career at your pace with a flexible operational system. No need for supervision. Your responsibilities will be to sell advert space to interested individuals and get an amazing commission (40%) for each sale at the end of the month.

The commission vary according to number of sales and matter of fact it go higher with more sales. That is what I was saying about becoming a marketer. We have other marketing opportunities waiting for you to explore. Check our Special Offers and get going.


  1. Continue to do your day job as you begin to make the move toward consultancy. Being a full-time consultant does not mean you will be successful right away. Make all your business plans, find part-time contracts and slowly make the move to owning your own business.
  2. Consider creating a business around your consulting. You must make the decision about how much you want to work as a consultant. You may choose 1 of the following options:
    • Become a consultant so that you can spend more time at home or work from home. In this case, you may not want to work a 40-hour week. You may choose to use your own name as a sole proprietorship and apply for contracts on an as-needed basis.
    • Become your own business. Create a name, a trademark and a competitive marketing strategy. In this situation, you may want to rent a business location and hire staff. You will want to create a business plan before striking out on your own.
  3. Get all required licensing from the state or country that you plan to consult in. You may consider getting special qualifications from a marketing organization to prove to your clients that you are legitimate.
  4. Put money and thought into your marketing. If you can sell your company on your own brand, it is likely that they will trust you to marketing their brand. Create a trademark, a motto, brand imagery and advertising that hits your target business demographic.
  5. Set a reasonable hourly rate. Look at what other consultants are charging in your field, and then do a cost analysis of doing business plus your expertise. It should correlate to be slightly higher than what you were making per hour as a wage in your last job.
  6. Learn to manage. You may have already been promoted to a management position in your work history, which is an asset. You must be able to effectively manage a company’s workforce where you are hired and your own staff, if you have employees.
  7. Be ready for a fast-paced lifestyle. If you have worked in the competitive marketing industry, you may already know how to function with stress and deadlines. Unless you are taking occasional contracts, this will not change, and it may even grow more stressful with the weight of a business on your shoulders.
  8. Network constantly. You must be ready to go out and meet with business leaders in your community. You must consistently sell your product through yourself as well as your branding.

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While there are several things you’ll need to help get your site online, nothing is more important than first clearly defining your goals. Doing
so, more than anything else, reveals which requirements are most important for your website so you can make a comprehensive plan that
will take you successfully across the finish line.

So what are key factors to consider?

As when starting a business, launching your business website should begin with a plan. Determining key information early on informs the
entire site building process and inevitably saves you a lot of time, energy, and resources. While each business is a little different, we’ve listed three key points that everyone should consider when preparing to create a business website.

1. Determine your Goals.
Before you can begin to solve a problem, it helps to know what the problem is. Ask yourself questions to identify what your website is
intended to accomplish.

For example:
What kind of website do I want?
Should the website serve principally to present information?
Does this information need to change regularly? Will my website sell a product online?

Also consider what changes may happen over time. Ask yourself what future plans exist for your business. Answering questions like these is
the first step toward outlining the type of website you should build.

2. Understand your message and your audience.
Your website will present a message to each and ever visitor, so it is important to think about what you want to communicate. The message you craft will help you not only identify your target audience, but will affects your website’s
look and feel, design, content, presentation,

So it’s important to determine it as soon as possible. Make sure your messaging is clear, concise and easy to understand.

And remember, nothing should influence your
messaging more than the audience to which it
is intended, i.e. your future website visitors. Think about both who will visit your site as well as who you want to reach.
Will existing customers visit your website? Potential customers?
What is the goal of your messaging?

A good technique to get new ideas is to study websites of competitors or other businesses striving to achieve similar goals as you. Visit these sites and ask yourself questions like:
What is the purpose of this website?
What are they selling?
Is the message clear?
Did it compel me to learn more?

A good website should be able to answer these
important questions immediately.

3. Time and budget.
It’s great to have a vision of the perfect website, but remember to factor in real-world constraints. Be realistic about your budget and the amount of time you have to invest in building your website. Will you be building the website yourself? Will your site feature an e-commerce feature?

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of web hosting, domain names, and advertising. We recommend writing everything down and adjusting different factors based on your allotted budget. Some areas may have more flexibility then others depending on your priorities.

There are several more factors to consider as you delve into building your website, but these are some great places at which to start the process.

With a strong understanding of these three considerations, you’ll be better equipped to craft a strong plan. And remember, the more detailed your plan, the less likely you will run into snags as you proceed.

Like always, you can lean on us for any help.
+234 (0) 8032910381
+234 (0) 8097704290

How To Sell: 9 Strategies For Selling Any Product Online


How do you sell a product online?   how-to-sell

In order to get you charged up for this post, I want to clarify a fact here.

Because many people online think that SELLING is EVIL, but these same people shop every now and then offline.

The important thing to remember about content marketing is that YOU must sell a product, if you ever want to make money online. Period!

How would you see a blogger who always complain that he or she isn’t making any money online – and you discovered he didn’t monetize properly. Or, he didn’t even monetize at all.

Content marketing has been perceived as building relationships with prospective customers, but it’s not enough.

Yes, quote me anywhere. You’ve got to sell a product or go look for a job!

When you’ve relationships with target audience, you’ve got to sell your products and services to them or they’d switch over to another website where the real selling takes place – because they want their problems to be solved.

And oftentimes, ‘free tips’ will not suffice.


Marketing Vs Sales

Two days ago, one of my clients called me and asked a very simple question. “What is the difference between marketing and sales?” He asked.

Even though I knew the answer to his question, I was a bit disturbed.

Because I couldn’t find the right words to express my answer for him – but with confidence, I replied: marketing is all about identifying the needs and challenges of your ideal customers, and finding ways to reach them with your products/services which has the appropriate answer.

On the other hand, sales simply can be defined as offering your product/service to those perfect customers and closing the sale – getting paid.


Do you make THIS mistake?

In content marketing, bloggers and content creators work tirelessly day in and day out to promote their websites.

They write guest posts, interact with their facebook fans, update their twitter followers, use pay per click advertising, distribute their content and are active on discussion boards and blog directories.

But in all these activities, most marketers DON’T sell a thing, or they don’t know how to sell and make money for themselves. Each time I think about it, it makes me want to puke.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’d agree with me that I don’t hard-sell or push you into buying any product. I simply write epic content that can help you GET hold of your content marketing purpose.

Does it mean that I don’t make money online to live my life? Of course not – I still do make money, but I use a different strategy. I sell my writing services to prospective clients and that’s how I make my money. See my offer page here.

Although, I’ll be launching my e-book this year, and that’d be another source of passive income for me – while helping you achieve your content marketing objectives.

Quick fix: If you’re not making enough money from your blogging and internet marketing hard work, it might be that you’ve be wasting your time on MARKETING: identifying and building relationships with prospects and have neglected SELLING.

Right now, you’ve got to stop and start from scratch – because the end product of effective content marketing is that you sell a product or service and smile to the bank.

Did you enjoy this part? Now, let me show you the 9 strategies to sell effectively and build stronger connections with your target audience. Are you ready?


1.      Define your product/service

While marketing emphasizes on consumer needs and finding out how desperate they need solutions that work, selling stands out on its own. In that, the FOCUS is on the product or service which you want to sell.

There comes a time in your business as a content marketer when you’ll begin to FOCUS on the product you have in store for your target audience. You’ll need to define its purpose and send the message across.

How did you monetize your blog?

Is it with affiliate banners, or your own digital product? Whatever it is, don’t see it that way.

When someone who may or may not need your product asks about your business, don’t tell them you’ve an e-book or software per se. Of course you do, but it’d be hard to convince them.

Tell them what that e-book or product will do for them. Think about the answer they’d get by reading the e-book or using your software. That’s your selling point.

That’s the true definition of your product. For instance, I’m a freelance writer, but I don’t sell freelance writing. Instead, I help my clients and prospects to drive targeted traffic through content marketing.

With this definition, winning the hearts of a new prospect is sure – and retaining the old ones is more certain. What do you think?

2.      Listen and take action

listening marketing

Source: intuit

So you’re serious about selling “that” product or service without annoying your target audience? Well, it’s possible and it begins with you listening to what your prospects are saying.

Through guest blogging, social media marketing, video marketing, podcasts and other means of distributing quality content online, you’ve been able to define your audience. You understand their challenges now – you want to truly help.

Now, don’t stop at that, start listening to them – because their needs are going to change over time.

I’ve been an active guest blogger for more than 2 years, but I’ve since slowed down. Because I’ve discovered that majority of blog readers no longer responds to guest posts, as they used to.

These days, the focus should be on your own blog and building that strong relationships with people, who already like, believe and trust in your wealth of knowledge. When you visit forums, don’t just rant and contribute to the noise.

Listen attentively. Identify a need and begin to align your product to meet that need. Listen and take action immediately, because CHANGE is bound to happen, if you waste any time.


3.      Build a customer care business

The only business that’s going succeed in today’s competitive market is a “customer care business.”

Wait a second, does it mean that every internet marketer must set up a business that bears that name? Give me a break – you should know better than that.

When I say customer care business, what it means is that you MUST be willing to answer questions that your customers and prospects are asking.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve to be very careful with the products you recommend to your audience. Because if anything, and I mean anything goes wrong, you’d be held responsible. As an affiliate, you’re not totally free.

Remember, content marketing is a long-term business. And if you’re not ready to stand tall with your buyers and prospects, your business is going to collapse even before you realize it.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business model, but don’t go overboard just because you need to make quick money.

Take your time to study the product. If you’ve not used the offer before, don’t make claims that you’ve – that’s a dent on your self-image and nothing can erase it.

People are not buying your product because they’re scared of losing their money, and losing you.

In a nut shell, will your business still be there when your customers and target audience runs into muddy waters? Think long-term and you’ll be able to sell more and earn more.


4.      Keep in touch with first timers

Studies have shown that you need to expose your product at least 7 times to a potential customer before they can buy or make the final decision. In order to complete a sale, always keep in touch with these people.

When someone visits your website for the first time, you should have a way to capture their personal details. Now, this is not the typical list building where you’re collecting leads and bombarding subscribers with offers.

Here’s how it works: If you’ve an e-book that can help prospects “build a strong brand” for instance, it’s wise that you should give away free chapters of the e-book in exchange for their personal email addresses.

When this happens, the list you’ve is not the newsletter type, but a premium list. You’ll need to follow up, give a strong reason why your product is what they need at this point in time.

And don’t forget to lead them to your sales page or store. Make it easy for prospects to place orders.

Giving away free chapters of your e-book at no cost is marketing, but recommending the complete product through your list is more IMPORTANT – it’s called SELLING.



5.      Connect with a strong story

Storytelling is often talked about as a powerful tool for selling. But how many internet marketers actually use it to complete the sale?

Two months ago, I purchased an e-book and after reading it, I was able to earn more from my writing business. My hourly rate increased from $75 to $100 and my clients were happy about my decision.

Now, when I shared my true story before recommending the same e-book to my loyal readers, I deeply connected with people – through that strong story. I sold more of the e-book within 48 hours.

The story is strong because I’ve been struggling to raise my rate for a long time, but had no real success. I shared my struggles and how I eventually found solace with that single book – in the 5th chapter actually.

No matter what you’re selling on your website or blog, always tell a story to connect, build the friendship and call to action. It’s going to skyrocket your sales, guaranteed!


6.      Use remarketing to sell more

Remarketing is a common term in PPC advertising.

When someone visits your website and clicks on an ad and for one reason or the other, the person didn’t buy, subscribe or even click to know what more you’ve in store, you can use that data to boost your sale.

There are several reasons why people would come to your site, fall in love with your product and decide not to buy.

You should understand that spending money online is risky. If you’re not careful, you might lose more money, than you spent.

I might be wrong, but I’ve been billed for services I didn’t request for. Of course, on the store, I was told that a one-time payment was all that’s needed.

But at end of the month, I got an alert that my credit card was billed for the month. I fixed some immediately, but others took me time to address.

Now – back to remarketing. When a prospect comes to you and asks for a quote or requests for free chapters of your e-book (or book), don’t let them alone at this point.

Already, they’ve shown strong interest in your product or offer. If you didn’t get a sale initially, follow up after 2 days with a better offer. Ask the prospect why he or she is still reluctant to complete the order.

Give reasons why they need to buy now – use curiosity and strong benefits. Don’t use hype or tricks.

Be yourself. Build deep connections with a short story and call to action. Remarketing works and I’m still experimenting with it. Keep reading this blog and subscribe to my list for updates.


7.      Sell value – it works better

When I first started blogging and eventually became a content marketer, I was making a terrible mistake. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting online, don’t follow the crowd or you’d fail woefully.

In a nut shell, sell VALUE. What can your product do for people, if they decide to buy now?

Why is it so important to buy from you, while there are thousands of other bloggers and content marketers selling similar or better products than you are? Prospects and customers are looking for “what’s in it for me.”

Forget the title you’ve tagged yourself, a freelance writer, a business coach, a professional blogger, a social media expert or what have you.

Those titles will never get you sales or increase your earnings online. Instead, focus on what you do with that title and your sales would skyrocket.

For example: if you’re web developer, tell prospects that you design websites that can generate qualified leads, load faster and engage people – so as to bring more profit for them. Now, that’s real value and you’ll be on top of your game.


8.      Confidently ask prospects to buy   ask for a sale

I believe in earning the trust of my target audience.

But my college life changed my perspective about marketing. Keep reading…

One of my lecturers at the time clearly told me that some prospects will never buy what you’re selling, no matter how much trust and believe they’ve for you.

Most of these prospects are unwise. They can’t make decisions on their own. They need you to tell them what to do and they’d do it right away.

Most people have money to invest in good and professional wordpress theme, but their website looks awkward. Now, what do you call that?

As a content marketer with a purpose and a value to sell, always confidently ask prospects to buy your product. The worst they can do is to unsubscribe from your email list or say NO.

If your business is client-based, don’t be shy or scared to ask potential customers to at least try your service. Just do it or you’d be broke and complain and whine.

Even if you’ve to reduce the price of your products and services in order to win that initial sale and customer, go ahead and do it.

Most of the time, the first sale is always TOO difficult to get. But after that, it’d be a lot easier to influence and get repeat sales from the same customer who was hitherto stubborn.

I’ve to leave you now to contribute your comment, but take this last sales strategy…


9.      Eliminate the fear of losing money

It’s vital that you crown your customers and prospects Kings, because they are the ASSET you’ve for your business.

Earlier, I said that consumers are TOO careful when they want to buy any product online. They’re afraid of losing money. I’m afraid too, what about you?

What you must do in order to win their hearts and get more money from them, is to give a strong reason to buy.

And if they don’t like the content or the benefits you offer them, you will easily refund their money – at least, within a stipulated time frame.

Secondly, use testimonials from real people (please don’t manipulate) to show that the “value” you offer in your product and service is working for other people.

Ideally, each testimonial must have a personal photo or a real website to back up your claims.

Once you can eliminate fear of losing money, you’d sell more products and offer clients what they need, while earning what you’re really worth.


It gets even better

I’ve never been afraid to approach a client and offer my writing services. Maybe because I was born with that gift, or what do you think?

Trust me; it takes confidence to make a living online.

Selling is like getting married to a lady or gentleman who doesn’t speak or understand your language. How are you going to inspire, learn from each other, cherish and love that person for the rest of your life?

Through effective content marketing, you can enjoy PEOPLE and help them solve their problems easily. But having a product or service to sell on your website is a MUST.

Do you find it easy to sell your product/service online? Could you please highlight your points in the comment below – I wish to address them one by one. Thank you. See you ahead!



Content Marketing

We generously reward our satisfied customers when they introduce our goods and services to their friends, families and associates.

By introducing our products and services to your friends, families, etc and/or by buying and selling our products to your friends and families, we pay 40% of what a new customer buys to you, the sponsor. The more new customers you bring, the more money you earn. You will also earn a 40% discount on every purchase you make.

Also, you can participate in this scheme anywhere you are. All you need to do is simply call or text us the referral code number, anytime you sponsor a new customer. Moreso, you do the payment yourself and get the 40% straight from the client.


To get your blog/website working in less than 72 hours, do the following :

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Upon registration, you will receive our business kit containing our powerful catalogues and referral booklet.


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Let Me Write Your SEO Contents

Are you looking to boost traffic to your website, blog or business and establish an authority to beat your competitors?

I offer content writing services (content marketing) that can help you in achieving your aims.

Since 2010, when I wrote my first post on GossipHA magazine, I never stopped blogging. Over the years, I’ve worked with tonnes of clients ranging from small online and offline businesses to BIG online product creators and service providers.

Above all, I take customer service seriously and will ensure that you’re satisfied with my job.

I have obsession for customer service and
I offer unlimited revisions on every article I write for my clients.

By working with me, you can expect a high level of professionalism and productivity, which is quite rare in the online world.


At this time, I’m not open to every potential client but if your topic falls into the category below, I’ll work with you:

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What’s your budget?

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Could you please select the writing service and budget you want before contacting me? This way, I can reply your email without delay.


Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer. The market has grown in complexity, resulting in the emergence of a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third party vendors.Affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliates often use regular advertising methods. Those methods include organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), e-mail marketing, content marketing and in some sense display advertising. On the other hand, affiliates sometimes use less orthodox techniques, such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner.

Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer. However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales

As experienced affiliates for many of the world’s leading brands, we offer the following services to European clients. If you would like to discuss how we can grow your business, please contact us today.


You may not yet have worked with affiliates, in which case we can consult with you on the best approach to maximise your incremental sales and avoid cannibalisation. Or you may not be seeing the results you were expecting from current affiliate program. In either case get in touch and we can work out what we can do to improve things for you.

What is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is commonly viewed as a low-risk form of advertising for businesses due to low/no upfront costs and where marketing costs are directly related to results.


We can either manage or advise on your campaign or complement your in-house search marketing on a pay-for-performance basis.

What is Paid Search Management? Paid Search Management involves setup and ongoing management of a business’s paid marketing campaigns through popular search engines such as Google (Adwords) & Yahoo. Keywords targeted, ad text, conversion rates etc are constantly monitored and optimised to increase yields for maximum results (visitors / customers acquired / sales made).


We can advise or manage display-based campaigns to drive brand recognition, sales, or both.

What is display advertising? Display advertising consists of using ad space on highly trafficked websites to reach a desired target audience. Sites may include web portals, blogs, social networks etc. The most common type of Display Advertising is “Banner Ads” but dependant on the publisher various formats & mediums are available including Video, Rich Media, Interactive (Flash) Ad units etc.


When is the best time to make an important decision about your life or business?


When is the worst time?


Most people wait until something FORCES them to make the decision – rather than making decisions from a place of calm and confidence.


The best time to make an important decision is when you don’t have to make it.


Now, this doesn’t matter if the decision you’re making doesn’t “really matter” in the bigger picture.


If you’re deciding whether or not to have a drink of water, or whether to buy a new pair of shoes today, being in a calm and relaxed mood won’t make the difference.


But what if you’re making a decision about the next steps in your life… or your family…or your career?


My experience is that most people don’t go and intentionally put themselves into an environment where they will make the very best decisions of their life.


So what would it look like if you were to create the ultimate environment to plan the next level of your personal and business evolution?


Who would be there? What would you be doing with them? What other resources would you want around you?


In about two months, I’m going to be hosting a 5-day live summit for the top entrepreneurs that I know – and I’d like to invite you to join us there.


I am intentionally creating an environment that inspires all of us to see higher potentials and possibilities for ourselves and our businesses.


I’ve invited the smartest people that I’ve found in my life to join us, teach us, and work with us – so we have all the perspectives and resources we need to make great decisions.


I’ve found a first class environment in one of the world’s greatest cities – at the nicest time of year.


And I’ve organized all of the most valuable tools and systems to help you grow your business and your profit.


And this is just one part of the entire Accelerate 1-Year Program…


Whether you join us for this once in a lifetime strategic planning summit… or you create your own environment to make the big decisions, I recommend that you do what it takes to make sure you have the right surroundings, the right people and the right knowledge to create the vision for where you’re going next.


I think that our Accelerate Summit will make history in business – and that people will be talking about it as the place that they got inspired… met the people that changed the game for them… and planned the next big evolution for themselves and their businesses.


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Don’t wait until the last minute to decide. Make the call while you have some time to think about it this weekend…


I’ve added a few new things to Accelerate, and updated the information video. If you haven’t seen all of it, now is a great time to watch it (it’s a long video, so set aside a bit of time for it… I’m asking you to make a big decision, so I want you to have all the





The decision to join us for Accelerate is an important decision. And you’ll be making even more important ones in the training.


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